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Turn to Express Medical Billing for Individualized and Advanced Medical Billing Services That Make a Difference for Your Practice

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Express Medical Billing is a leading comprehensive solution for your medical billing needs. While other medical billing companies settle for good results, we settle for nothing less than the best. This means that our team of medical billing specialists relentlessly pursues all healthcare billing claims that your practice is owed. Turn to Express Medical Billing for your physicians billing services, and realize the difference that our expertise can have for your practice.

Work With Our Experienced Team of Specialists

Regardless of the size, volume or specialty of your medical practice, Express Medical Billing has the resources and expertise that you need for your medical billing services. Our company is a national provider of medical practice management services, offering practices across the country a unique, personalized service that makes a substantial difference for your bottom line. If you’re looking for the professionalism of a large corporation with the dedication and individualized attention of a small business, Express is the medical billing company for you.

Increased Revenue, Decreased Expenses

Express Medical Billing is different than other physicians billing services, primarily because our unique system means that you are provided with unparalleled attention, results, and detailed reports. Our team of medical billing specialists and advanced technological strategies means that you are reimbursed more quickly, able to efficiently track claims, aggressively pursue unpaid or partially paid claims and face fewer rejected claims. In fact, we guarantee to increase your practice’s revenue by 25% or more, making our medical billing services essential to your bottom line.

Professional Medical Billing Services You Can Trust

Our team of medical billing specialists provides diligent and efficient medical billing services, allowing you to focus on the daily operations of your practice. Just some of the numerous, indispensable services that we can provide include:

  • Above-Average First-Pass Claims – Obtain compensation faster than ever before with our accurate medical billing services. With an average of 95% first-pass claims that meet all federal and state healthcare regulations, you can rest assured that all claims are handled properly the first time.
  • Security Compliance – All of our work is done in compliance with HIPAA privacy and security standards, ensuring that your patient’s personal information is safe.
  • Higher ROI – We implement state-of-the-art EHR and PM technology, providing your business with superior workflow.
  • Superior Ability to Solve Medical Billing Problems – We quickly and efficiently process all claims, solving any problems that surface with proven narratives.
  • Knowledgeable, Constant Support – Our team of medical billing specialists is always available to provide customer service assistance and administrative support.
  • Assistance With Federal Incentives – Some federal incentives cannot be gained through meaningful use of an EHR. While some healthcare providers are unaware of revenue lost by not implementing such a system, our medical billing company is able to correctly address this issue.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Your Problems

All of these premier medical billing services and more are available when you use Express Medical Billing in your practice. For just a small, all-inclusive fee of your collections, our medical billing specialists can relieve the burden of healthcare billing collections from your business, allowing you to focus on your patients.

Our services include a free PM system and EHR at no or minimal cost as well, allowing our services to function effectively for your business.

Solve Your Medical Billing Dilemma Once and For All with Express Medical Billing

If you’re ready to transform the way that your practice approaches medical billing, contact Express Medical Billing today at (phone #) for individualized attention and vast knowledge that guarantees collection on overdue bills and insurance claims.

As a company created for physicians, by physicians, trust in the difference of Express Medical Billing.

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