Practice Analysis

The goal of conducting a practice workflow analysis is to identify areas that may be costing your practice thousands of dollars.  By learning the current processes and systems, we can provide customized solutions that can be taken to increase efficiency and streamline practice workflow.  This step has identified most practices can increase 10%-25% of bottom line revenue without having to increase patient base or staff.

We have a proprietary analysis tool that can generate a detailed report, outlining solutions for virtually every aspect of your practice.

If you’re unsure of how your billing company or billing department is performing, why not conduct a billing audit to take a snap shot of where your practice financials are compared to your colleagues.

How our billing audit service benefits you:

Snap shot of your practice financials – Because most physician owners are too busy with other clinical and administrative functions, it is difficult to take the time to review confusing reports.

Understand what changes might be necessary –The purpose of the audit is to shed light is changes are needed to be able to thrive financially. Identify Key Performance Indicators to hold billing department accountable – Once the gaps are identified, move forward by having clear KPI’s to hold your billing department accountable in the future.